General agreements

The DCSD’s Guidelines for Good Scientific Practice with special focus on health science, natural science and technical science (2009) include ”Guidelines for agreements at the initiation of research projects”. These guidelines comprise a list of potential agreement clauses and may serve as a checklist when entering into research collaborations.

Commissioned research and industrial PhD projects

The Danish Council for Research and Innovation Policy has developed five model agreements and associated guidelines which cover different types of collaboration between public research institutions and private enterprises:

Industrial PhD candidates are enrolled at the university and are employed by a private company at the same time. See the article on Industrial PhD candidates.

Research-based consultancy

Please see this article on public sector consultancy.

Model agreement for data sharing

Aarhus University and the Royal Library in Aarhus have developed a model agreement for research collaboration and associated guidelines.

The guidelines for the model agreement state inter alia the following:

“The data model agreement reflects the EU requirements for making data from research projects accessible. The starting point under the agreement is thus that the participating parties must make the obtained knowledge available to the public in accordance with the FAIR principles for Open Access in H2020.

Apart from the adoption of Open Access, the agreement reflects the rights management principles that are usual for Danish universities in research collaborations. The regulation of authorship and publication, as well as ownership of and access rights to background and foreground knowledge, is similar to the usual starting-point in Danish research collaborations.”

Other resources

Today, most Danish research institutions have considerable experience in entering into collaborations with companies, public authorities and other organisations. See also:

University of Copenhagen (UCPH)

Aarhus University (AU)

Aalborg University (AAU)

University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

Roskilde University (RUC)

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

IT University of Copenhagen (ITU)

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